Many of us may think it’s very complicated to optimize our LinkedIn profiles.


It’s really not.


When someone views your post and they click into your profile, will they fully understand what you do & how you can help them?


Your profile should have three core things optimized: profile pic, banner, and headline.


If your profile pic looks professionally done, it will result in more profile views. It’s a subtle yet game-changing part of the optimization.


Your banner should give insights into what you do through BIG readable text.


Lastly, your headline is most important. Every comment and post you do will show your headline in it.


Create a catchy headline that makes the viewer want to click & learn more.


Once these three things are optimized, your profile views will steadily increase.


That’s today’s secret.


Published On: July 26th, 2022 / Categories: LinkedIn Secrets /

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