Writing good comments on others’ posts is quite literally the biggest secret to growth on LinkedIn.


Don’t understand why? Let me make an example.


Imagine for a bit that your post gets 1000 views with around 20 likes.


With that stat in mind, think of any influencer whose post averages 50k-100k views.


If you left a GOOD comment on that influencer’s post soon after it was posted, the influencer would likely reply to your comment bringing it higher in the comment section.


By this comment alone, your name, headline, and comment could get many thousands of views resulting in clicks on your profile and potential leads for you.


Don’t get me wrong. Posting is still very, very important. I’m just hoping you see the value in commenting and incorporating it into your LinkedIn strategy.


Thanks for reading!


That’s today’s secret.

Published On: September 13th, 2022 / Categories: LinkedIn Secrets /

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