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When Do New Airpods 3 Come Out? Airpods 3 New Awesome Design & Specs

When Do New Airpods 3 Come Out?

Airpods 3 are the next new Apple wireless earbuds. We are expecting them to be released alongside the iPhone and Apple Watch or soon after. The iPhone launch event is rumored to be between September 12 and September 22. While the Airpods could very likely be released during those dates, shipping of the Airpods could be several weeks later. To further strengthen these dates, it has been rumored that components for Airpods production have already been ordered and shipped by Apple.

So When Does Apple Airpods 3 Come Out?

September 12 – September 22 (tentatively)

When Do New Airpods 3 Come Out?
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What are the Specs and Price of the New Airpods 3?

As far as specs go for these new Airpods 3 specs. Here is a list I came up with.


  • Likely to feature a new chip (H2) for improved capabilities in all aspects. This would make for faster and better switching of devices, and ability to optimize and improve baterry life.

Battery Life

  • Battery life is expected to be nearly the same as the last Airpods 5 hours. The reason for this is the small size of the Airpods themselves. In order to improve battery life, they would have to design a bigger case.


  • According to rumors, it show Airpods 3 including the spatial audio of the current Airpods Pro. Also with this upgrade we expect better audio quality in the soud thanks too the updated chip.

Sound Health

  • When I talk sound health, I partially mean the ability to track if the noise is too loud for you. The other part of the health is the ability to give you real-time voice coaching like during a workout. If the Airpods would have the ability to help Apple Watch with health data from your head, this could be a big improvement.


  • The Airpods 3 are expected to be cheaper than the existing $249 Airpods Pro. This puts them in the range of the previous Airpods with are $159. We expect them to be either $159 or $199.

That should explain most of the new specs you can count on getting. Hopefully, it helps.

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Airpods 3 New Design

We expect a design almost directly in between the Airpods Pro and the original Airpods. This would essentially look exactly like an Airpods Pro with no silicon tip. The case is also rumored to be more compact while still housing the needed internals.


Everything considered these Airpods 3 are looking to an awesome buy. Now that you’ve read the article, let’s chat about it in the comments. Join our email list below also. Thanks for reading.

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