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What Is Icloud Plus? [Review And Explainer] Yes, Buy It 2021

What is iCloud Plus?

iCloud Plus is in essence an enhanced version of iCloud which is a cloud-based service that lets you save content such as photos, notes, files, and videos, and not occupying storage space on an Apple device. The first one is known as Private Relay, and it lets you browse Safari with a security mode that blocks the traffic that you send. This means that nobody including Apple will be able to see your browsing logs.

What is icloud plus

iCloud VS iCloud Plus

The iCloud+ service is defined as such by Apple in the form of “everything you love about iCloud, plus some great new features.” For many, the experience of using iCloud+ will be the same as before. It’s just a name change to pay for an iCloud account with the same storage and pricing.

Alongside the new brand, the name iCloud+ comes with a variety of new functions like features like the Hide My Email and Private Relay features to improve privacy, an upgraded home Kit secure video storage, and customized email domains for iCloud Mail.

icloud plus review

Is iCloud+ be free to use?

Although Apple’s paid accounts have been rebranded to iCloud+ plans you can still access iCloud at no cost. You’ll receive 5GB of storage at no cost. Make the switch your account to an iCloud Plus account when you’re in need of additional storage space. You can’t benefit from new features exclusive to iCloud+ such as Hide My Email and Private Relay or customized iCloud Mail domains and an expanded HomeKit Secure Video storage if you are using the 5GB free plan.

How much does iCloud Plus cost?

Apple has stated that the cost that comes with iCloud Plus is not going to be increased when compared to the basic iCloud plans. Therefore instead of a totally new plan, consider this as a better service.

  • 50GB – $0.99 per month
  • 200GB – $2.99 per month
  • 2TB – $9.99 per month

There’s also a no-cost iCloud plan that comes with a 5GB limit of storage. However, it seems that the free plan won’t grant access to the latest iCloud and other features. If you’re worried about your personal privacy be sure to read our top VPN guide, which contains details about the best privacy tools we’ve tried.

Is iCloud+ included with Apple One?

Yes. Apple One is Apple’s service bundle, which comes with iCloud+ storage as well as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Fitness+. Storage you get will depend on what Apple One package you choose Individual, Family, or Premier. They each offer 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB of iCloud Plus storage. If you are already using some or more subscriptions to paid Apple services, switching to Apple One might be the best option to reduce the cost of your subscriptions.

icloud vs icloud plus

iCloud Plus Review – Features:

Private Relay:

Private Relay is the latest feature that is available in Safari. Private Relay is a new feature in the Safari browser that protects your privacy when browsing the internet. When you are browsing, Apple claims that Private Relay uses a dual-hop design. All traffic that leaves your device is secured and routed through two Internet relays.

When the primary relay is assigned an anonymous IP address the second relay is able to decrypt web addresses and redirect users to the destination. In the end, nobody can be identified by the user or the sites they visit. It’s a VPN However, it’s Apple’s version of Private Relay’s implementation Private Relay isn’t identical to the features you’d expect to find in the VPN.

Hide My Email:

Users can make use of to use the Hide My Email feature to create random email addresses that can be used to protect their email address as their primary one is private. This feature is implemented with Apple into Safari as well as iCloud settings as well as the native Mail application. You can create and delete as many email addresses as you require as per Apple.

If you’re not a part of the Apple community, it is possible to make email aliases by using a service like Mozilla Relay and Simple Login. For more details, refer to our article on how to turn on “Hide My Email”. Hide My Email feature on Windows and Android.

HomeKit Secure Video Expansion:

Another benefit to iCloud Plus is expanded HomeKit Secure Video support. With this update, users can connect additional cameras and view the security footage of their home through the Home application. The video footage won’t eat up all portions of iCloud storage.

Based on the plan you choose you will be able to connect one five or more cameras. For more details, the 50GB plan permits you to connect just one HomeKit Secure Video camera. The 200GB plan permits the connection of up to five HomeKit Secure Video cameras and the 2TB plan permits users to connect an unlimited quantity of cameras.

ICloud’s competitors:

Due to extensive integration due to its deep integration of iOS and macOS in addition to its non-compatibility to Windows operating systems, it is truly useful to Apple users. Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive might be better suited for those who use the Android or Windows device. When paired together with Apple devices, iCloud triumphs.

One Drive is the most prominent in regards to security and encryption. It provides unlimited encryption from end-to-end using its Vault feature along with an encryption level of 256 bits across the board. With limited encryption at the end of the tunnel and weaker 128-bit encryption, iCloud comes in the second or third. Google Drive lags far behind in this area, having no encryption that is end-to-end and hazy privacy policies.

The verdict: iCloud vs iCloud Plus

If your company predominantly uses iPhones, MacBooks, or iPads we believe iCloud is one of the most popular storage options for cloud-based data. Since it permits seamless backup and data syncing across different devices, the degree of integration with the Apple operating system and the iCloud cloud is impressive. Your app’s entire information is stored in the cloud via iCloud.

With the introduction to iCloud Files, users can now experience a familiar drag-and-drop cloud storage experience. Although the end-to-end encryption feature on iCloud is much overdue, the system is secure enough for the majority of small-business users. Larger corporations, on other hand, might want to reconsider their options. Family sharing is another great feature. It is easy to share pictures, music passwords, files, and passwords between members of a team (or family members) and makes it one of the top choice features for collaboration.

is icloud plus a vpn

Is iCloud Plus A VPN?

No, definitely not.