Ecwid Review [2021] – Setup, Features – Awesome Or Not?

Ecwid Review

If you’re beginning your journey to selling on the internet, you may not require a plethora of powerful merchant services that also come with a steep cost. That’s where solutions such as Ecwid can help. Ecwid is among the many choices for adding shopping features on your website or social media pages. Ecwid is unique among rivals in terms of user-friendliness ease of use, cost, and simplicity.

ecwid review
Ecwid Review

What is Ecwid, and how does it work?

Ecwid is a builder of websites that lets you build the online stores of your choice. The software is available as a Service (SaaS) tool, meaning that you don’t have it, but instead pay a monthly cost to access it. Ecwid as with other platforms that allow users to build catalogs of products “catalogs” and add photos and pricing, weights, and more for every product.

It allows you to set shipping prices and accept credit card transactions and perform all the other things you’d expect to be able to do using an e-commerce platform. There is no software installed on your PC; everything is handled using a browser. Ecwid differs from its rivals like Shopify, Square Space, and Big Commerce in that it’s not designed to permit the creation of a separate eCommerce website. It’s designed to allow you to incorporate your online business into an existing site or an online presence.

what is ecwid
What is Ecwid?

Is Ecwid SEO-friendly?

Ecwid uses SEO-friendly URLs that are SEO-friendly. They previously had specific character (“#”) that was not just unappealing, however, also created complicated to place your site on Google. The search engines won’t have any difficulty indexing your website’s contents as a result of this modification. There’s just one point to be aware of.

Ecwid creates URLs for pages of products automatically according to the title of the product. If you alter the title of a product the URL will be created. The previous URL will still function however it won’t be changed to the new URL which results to duplicate websites. This isn’t optimal from an SEO perspective so, try to avoid changing the title of your product when you can.

Setup :: What Is Ecwid?

Installation of Ecwid is easier. Create a website page, then add a site, and then paste the HTML code supplied by them. If you’re using a site builder, such as Wix and Wix App Market, connecting your site to your store on Ecwid via your Wix App Market is as simple as two clicks. No code is required. You’ll also be able to manage your Ecwid backend (products orders, settings, and more) directly from the Wix dashboard, removing the requirement to login into both. Check out this video to discover how to configure it on your Weebly website.

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Main Features :: Ecwid Review

Ecwid as it was previously described it is a SaaS solution to build your own online store. It is basically the same as rivals like Big Commerce, Square space, Shopify, and many more. In contrast to these three companies, Ecwid makes inroads into the market by catering to companies who do not wish to create a new website.

The major benefit is the ability to quickly incorporate the Ecwid system into your existing website. If you plan to sell on the internet it is possible to use the system to mirror other websites. In addition instead of the need to switch between different platforms, you will be able to control each of these websites from one centralized place.

In addition, Ecwid offers a slew of tools to manage your eCommerce. For instance, you can add a variety of items along with their distinctive characteristics like weight, pricing images, and more. Once you’ve set their shipping charges then you’ll be able to accept various cards and fulfill orders according to them. In essence, you’ll have access to all the features of an e-commerce platform that is standard. Everything can be accomplished using your web browser, which is part of the online system.

But, this isn’t completely accurate. Ecwid is also able to be integrated across several devices, which allows you to market at any time using your mobile. Ecwid has developed the store’s own management software available for Android as well as iOS devices to aid in this. While their capabilities aren’t able to compete with the features offered on the backend of the web, however, you can utilize these apps to edit the attributes of a product and upload e-goods, as well as add images of the product; sell it products, and so on.

This means that you may take part in a tradeshow, and get a few sales out of the inventory you have. The transactions will appear immediately on the back end of your website.

It’s also designed to integrate with social media, which means you can offer your products through Facebook in the event that you need to. Simply set up your Ecwid system to publish your products directly on your Facebook page and then you’re done! You’ll be able to sell and sync every item.

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Ecwid VS Ecwid Pricing