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Tesla Robot VS Boston Dynamics – What is Tesla Robot For? 2021 Technology Madness

Tesla Robot VS Boston Dynamics

Tesla just unveiled their first human-looking robot on Thursday, August 19. Musk says it will be ready to show the public by next year. We all already know how Musk’s promises are considering how long we’ve been waiting on the Cybertruck. Tesla very well could use this robot to compete with companies like Boston Dynamics and Irobot. Musk has been very adamant about keeping an eye on the world of AI, so this was his chance to step in and show his product to the world. This article will compare what Musk has with Tesla to other brands like Boston Dynamics. First, let’s make sure this robot is real and see what the specs are.

is tesla bot real
Yes: It’s real

Is Tesla Robot Real?

Easy answer, yes. It is real in the fact that they had an event and announced to the public that they will be building it. One thing you need to note is that there is no production model and no guarantee to ever have one. However, Musk has always pursued what he wants, and no doubt he would be able to pull a robot off. I think we can expect a robot in the future, but we don’t know when it will be in our hands.

Tesla Robot Specs

So the Tesla Robot looks just like a human. Here are some of the specs that have been shown to be in it. The 40 electromechanical evacuators include 12 in the arms, 12 in the hands, 12 in the legs, 2 in the neck, and 2 in the torso. These 40 components make the robot able to move smoothly like a human.

Tesla Robot Specs

  1. 5 Feet 8 Inches tall
  2. 125 Pounds Body Weight
  3. Screen on front of head for useful information
  4. Lightweight materials
  5. Human Level Hands
  6. 2 Axis feet for balancing
  7. Force Feedback Sensing
  8. 40 total electromechanical actuators
tesla robot specs

What is Tesla Robot For?

Musk sells this bot as a way to help humans. It is basically a way to help humans have more laziness. Tesla wants the bot to eliminate jobs we find boring or repetitive. Another thing noted in the release is that the bot is friendly. Sounds cool to integrate friendly into the AI, but not sure how they can prove it is friendly. Musk wants a world built so that humans can control the work being done by AI. It’s strong thinking, to say the least, but Musk is one of the only people in the world with the power to achieve something like that. Hopefully, that answers the question, “What Is Tesla Robot For?”.

Tesla Robot VS Irobot and Boston Dynamics

Tesla Robot vs Boston Dynamics
Tesla Robot vs Boston Dynamics

Tesla Robot VS Irobot and Boston Dynamics

Most people immediately think, “Tesla is a car company so why are they trying robots?”. This is very true, but even more than a car company, Tesla is a software company. Tesla itself has achieved things with autopilot, which we thought could never happen. If they are already making some of the best software, it should be very easy to implement that into an AI robot. Boston Dynamics, Irobot, and others have a slight edge because they were in the space first. The competitors also have more products to offer at the moment. Even though they may have a slight edge as of now, Tesla could easily pass them simply because of the resources and ability to do more.

Boston Dynamics Product Line

This article should have explained the Tesla Bot. It is a cool new invention and should make some more headlines when it gets manufactured. If you enjoyed it join our email list below. Also, check out more articles below.