spigen vs supcase
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Supcase VS Spigen Cases – Clear [#1 Winner]

Supcase VS Spigen

Some people come for quick answers. For those people, the better case is — Spigen.

supcase vs spigen

Spigen VS Supcase

Now for the longer reason why I choose Spigen cases. Both cases are reliable as you probably already know, but one specifically stands out as the better one to me. This will be a very short article telling you why I think Spigen is better.

2 Reasons Why I Think Spigen Is Better

  1. Spigen has more variety than Supcase.
  2. Spigen typically sells more cases that Supcase.

Top Spigen Cases For The Latest Phones Right Now

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro

Samsung S21 Ultra

Samsung S21