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Is Simple Traffic Fake?

Looking for a website that will help drive traffic to your sites? Stay away from! Please. review Review

What is Simple Traffic?

Simple traffic is a paid platform that claims to produce natural and genuine traffic to sites. According to the website, they direct real traffic to your site from the ones that come through their domain network. Simple Traffic maintains that they do this by checking if the visitors match the targets you chose then forward them directly to your websites- but their claims are all false. Review

Is Simple Traffic good for new website owners?

NO. They do not help new website owners get real visitors; Simple traffic simply sends bots to these sites!

As a new website owner, you might be looking for a faster way to get real human visitors to your website in order to convert them to sign-ups, generate more sales and engagements. Websites like Simple traffic cannot help you get that goal you have in mind, they only raise your hopes and dash it- review Review

Is Simple Traffic real?

Simple Traffic is fake. It can never offer you a permanent solution but instead, it takes advantage of you!

Simple Traffic is carefully designed in a way that makes it look real. On its dashboard, you can track visitors that come to your websites but these thousands of visitors never interact with your website.

According to a former user of Simple Traffic, his experience made him realize that the website makes use of a click-robot system. He noticed this after he tracked his website with a tracking link software.

He stated that all link clicks had no IP address and the tracking software could not get the visitor’s devices’ configuration.

He also indicated that all the clicks generated showed that it came from a “desktop”. This clearly proves that these clicks and visits are generated by a robot.

Another former user revealed that when he started using the websites, he immediately started getting so many “visitors” but Google Analytics showed otherwise. He noticed the red flag after he saw that the traffic on Google Analytics was lower than that shown on the Simple Traffic website.

So many users also noticed a 99% bouncing rate. It simply means there were just clicks on the link but no visits at all. On Google Analytics, it showed that the visitors did not visit more pages on the website and the average view time was 1 second.

A former user who made use of the software narrated his ordeal. He said he connected the services of Simple Traffic to a website that offers a free goodie to download but, despite having over 2000 visits in 4 days, no single visitor downloaded the free goodie- that’s too bad.

The website is obviously not genuine. The company claims to be located in Ireland but a user discovered that it was registered in Estonia. Nothing seems to be true about this company. Make sure you don’t fall into their hands. Review

How to get more traffic

If you want real organic traffic, just keep improving your SEO and post high-quality content.

Share your website on different social networks by using captivating content. Tell people about your website and encourage them to turn on post notifications for your website.

This way, you are sure to target real visitors to your website and in turn, generate more engagement and sales.

And don’t forget to stay away from Simple Traffic.

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