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Should I Buy The Mavic Mini? 5 Great Reasons To Buy in in 2021

Should I Buy The Mavic Mini?

Good Reasons To Buy:

1. Battery Life

The Mavic mini boasts a 2600mAh rechargeable battery, which can hold the drone in the air for an incredibly long time. The removable battery can last up to 30 minutes on a single charge. Another cool thing is that you can have as many batteries s you need to fly for an incredibly long time.

2. Weight

This drone weighs only 249 grams, which helps with the really long battery life. Another really good benefit is that in a lot of major countries, this drone will not have to be registered. Most drones have a rule that states that drones over 250 grams have to be registered.

3. 4k Video

The main reason this is a plus is that the previous tiny drone from DJI could only shoot in 1080p. The DJI Spark could technically be called the predecessor, and the Mavic Mini got an upgrade to some of the Spark’s features.

4. Low Price

The Mavic Mini is about the lowest price for a quality drone period. The Mavic Mini also comes with a controller at a starting price of 399 dollars. If you remember the Spark was around that price but had no controller included.

5. Drone beginners

This drone is truly targeting those getting into the drone flying. It has to be flown with a different app than the higher drones of DJI. They designed more of a beginner interface to cater to those who have less experience flying drones.

Should I Buy The Mavic Mini?

Good Reasons Not To Buy:

1. No Obstacle Avoidance

The Mavic Mini comes with no obstacle avoidance which is especially weird because the Spark even had obstacle avoidance. Obstacle avoidance just gives you peace of mind. I personally could easily do without this mode, but how can you leave it out when it’s a beginner drone. This may be due to reducing the weight more or just cutting the costs.

2. Feels Cheap

The Mavic Mini with its very lightweight and plastic build can just feel plain cheap. This drone would probably not survive a crash as well as some other drones. The arms can feel a little bit flimsy when folding then because they are very small.

3. Range

The Mavic Mini only used an Enhanced Wi-Fi connection, while their more expensive drones use Ocusync 2.0 technology. The Ocusync 2.0 technology can take a drone up to 8km, but the Enhance wife can only give a max range of 4km. The Mavic Mini does not have that much range, but when compared to the 2km of the Spark it is a good improvement.

4. Camera Modes

This drone has a more beginner app layout, and it is missing some of the more professional camera modes of other DJI drones. This drone cannot shoot in RAW, but this is geared toward beginners so maybe not such a big deal.

5. The App

This is a downside if you have already flown drones with the main app, then you have to go to the not familiar new app. The new app also is missing many things found in the other app. This drone is not geared toward professionals so only buy it if you need a traveling drone or if you are a beginner.

Should I Buy The Mavic Mini?

Should I Buy The Mavic Mini