Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs S20 Plus: Don’t buy Note? YES.

Note 20 vs. S20 Plus

The design of these phones has a very clear winner mostly because of the plastic back. The S20 Plus has a glass back which is more premium than the matte glastic back of the Note 20 phone. They are both excluding the headphone jack, and each have a camera bump. The Bixby button has been removed on both of them. The Note 20 arguably looks and feels better thanks to the brown color and matte back. They are all premium but the winner here is the S20 Plus.
The display category is also a category that has an easy winner. They both have 6.7 inch screens, but the inside of the screens have some huge difference. The Note 20 has a 1080p panel that refreshes at a max of 60Hz. The S20 Plus has a resolution of 1440p and can refresh and 120Hz when lowered to 1080p. They both have a hole punch camera in the center of the display and an in-display fingerprint reader. The S20 Plus wins here.
The S 20 Plus has a 4500mAh and the Note 20 has a 4300mAh battery. The Note 20 does have an updated chip so it should be able last as long as it. They can both charge at a max of 25W fast charging. The Note 20 should last a lot longer than the S 20 Plus because of the lower resolution and refresh rate. The Note 20 wins this category.
The performance and storage is pretty much the same. They both support 5G. The base storage on both of them is 128GB. The S20 Plus has the Snapdragon 865, while the Note 20 has a Snapdragon 865+. The Note 20 wins here.
The Note 20 naturally has more special features than the S20 Plus. The S-pen is the main reason you would pick the Note 20 over the S20 Plus. The Note 20 has an S-pen stored in the left side of the phone. The winner here is the Note 20.

Overall winner: Note 20

s20 plus
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