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Refund Scammer and Refund Scams – How do they do it? [2021]

What is a Refund Scammer?

A refund scammer is a person who refunds you too much fake money so you have to send real money back to them. If a legit company was sending you a refund of 500 dollars, and they accidentally sent 5000 dollars instead, you would send 4500 dollars back. The scammers use the exact same tactic, but without sending you the first amount. This will explain how these scammers do it from start to finish.

How do Refund Scammers Start?

The scammers will start by sending you an email saying your order was successful or your service is renewing. They then hope you will want to cancel this fake charge by calling them and asking for a refund. Another way they start is by “cold calling” many numbers until they get someone who is ready to receive the “refund”.

What happens when you call the Refund Scammer Numbers?

As soon as you call the number to receive your refund, things start happening. They will ask you to go to your computer and connect to them via AnyDesk. This gives them complete access to your computer to do their thing. They will ask you to log into your bank account so they can give you your refund.

The moment you log in, they put a black canvas over the screen on your end so they can change the numbers in your bank account. They can easily change the numbers through Chrome DevTools in less than 5 minutes. While the black canvas is there, he tells you he is processing the refund. They then remove the canvas, and to their dismay, they have sent way more than they were supposed to send. [A simple way to check this when you get in the scam is this. REFRESH the page. If you refresh the page, the added numbers won’t show.]

Now that he sent you too much money by “accidentally adding another zero”, you are required by them to send the remaining money back. They always ask for the money to be sent as cash or gift cards. The moment you release the funds back to them, they ghost you and go on to the next victim.

What Are Refund Scams So Dangerous?

They really prey on our good faith. We feel like we have to send the money back since the scammer is exclaiming that now he will lose his job. This type of scam is also so easy for someone anywhere to perform. If you have a laptop, you can do this scam. The easier it is to do, the more scammers will be doing it.

How will I know if its a Refund Scammer?

I will include two emails I’ve gotten from the refund scams. They show how bad the skills of the scammer are. Also, one of the emails I got was claiming to be Paypal charging me for an Amazon gift card. That in itself is an extreme red flag.

  • The emails usually come into spam, so that can say it right there.
  • Scammers are also very demanding and don’t know how to give quality customer service.
  • The emails are poorly laid out and have bad graphics.
refund scammer
Email 1
refund scams
Email 2

How to stop Refund Scams?

  • A simple way to stop a scammer claiming to be part of a company is this: Tell the scammer you will call the companies real support number.
  • Don’t send any money to unaffiliated people or sources. Note: Companies will never ask you to send money via cash only or gift cards.
  • Ask a friend if they think you should send the money back.