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QIPr Key Organizer Review (Smart, Compact, and Simple Storing of Keys) No. 1

QIPr Key Organizer Review

Everything is going digital-including our keys! Thanks to QIPr.

qipr key organizer review
QIPr- The Key Organizer 

What is QIPr? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

QIPr is a new modular and versatile key organizer that saves you from the stress of holding bulky keys.

This unique key organizer was carefully created by a team of designers and architects to enable you to carry keys, tools, USB drives, and more in your pocket.

The inventors added a small multi-tool to the key organizer in order to help you with other basic functions.

The multi-tool provides eight different tools like a bottle opener, small saw, small blade, wrenches, and more. With QIPr, you have everything at just a single pick.

You do not need to be bothered about holding different keys or tools. QIPr provides you with a single solution to many needs.

Here is all you need to know about QIPr- the Multi-tool key organizer. QIPr Key Organizer Review.

 What is the QIPr’s dimension? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

The QIPr versions measure 100 x 20 x 25 millimeters. This length means they are large enough to hold important keys and tools you use daily. The classy QIPr comes in Leather & Metal with Leather/Silicone.

What is the size of each QIPr? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

QIPr is designed in a way that makes it safe and easy to carry about every day. The key organizer is not just light but tough enough to withstand everyday use. The Leather QIPr weighs 100 grams, while the two versions of the Metal QIPr weigh 150 grams.

 What type of metal is used in the QIPr? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

According to the team that designed this exciting key organizer, the kind of material used in creating QIPr is strong and durable. Despite its toughness, QIPr still maintains its lightweight.

Here is the breakdown of the materials used:

  • The Leather QIPr uses zinc alloy for the custom D-ring, steel for the D-ring bolt, and brass for the bolt.
  • The Metal QIPr’s unibody is made of stainless steel and the same zinc alloy for the custom D-ring.
  • The Touchless Tool, Urban Traveller and Fire Starter multitools are also made of stainless steel.
qipr key organizer
QIPr accommodates Add-ons

How many add-ons can a single QIPr use? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

The key organizer is very accommodating. You can add up to four add-ons to every QIPr. It simply means that you can choose to add two more keys to every version of the QIPr,

How do I program the QIPr? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

Programming the QIPr is easy- all you have to do is take the QIPr and the fob you want to replace to a key cutter near you. They will help you program it by copying the unique code from the fob into your QIPr. The QIPr has a built-in RFID tag that works at a frequency of 125 kHz (the most commonly used frequency).

However, if you have an RFID spoofer at home, you can choose to program it yourself if you know your way around it.

qipr key organizer
QIPr has a programmable fob

Is the QIPr safe to use? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

Yes, it is safe to use. You can take the QIPr in your carry-on. QIPr has multi-tools like screwdrivers, saws, bottle openers that are allowed in carry-ons because they are less than 7 inches. However, you might need to consider your local regulations or airlines before taking it on board.

How can I get QIPr? QIPr Key Organizer Review.

Backers early bird pledges can get the key organizer at $34 after filling QIPr’s surveys. However, when QIPr successfully concludes its campaign and reaches its pledge goals, production is expected to go smoothly, hence making it available -even for worldwide shipping.

Delivery is expected to start by September 2021. You will be able to choose the color and version of the QIPr you prefer. Comment whether or not you love the QIPr key organizer.

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