(OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro) Daring Competition For Your Cash in 2021

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro

OnePlus Buds Pro and Airpods Pro are amazing wireless earphones with cool modern features.  
OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods pro

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro

Apple has been leading the market with its classy wireless earphones but, it seems competitors are fast catching up with the company.

OnePlus also got into the business of wireless earphones and it did not disappoint us after it released its OnePlus Bud. Its new OnePlus buds Pro comes with modern features like Adaptive Noise Cancellation, longer battery life, and sweat resistance. OnePlus Buds Pro is definitely keen on becoming Apple‘s Airpods Pro competitor especially after it set its price lower than that of Apple.

OnePlus Buds Pro or Airpods Pro, which should you buy?

Buy the one that appeals to you. This post will compare OnePlus Buds Pro with Airpods Pro to guide your decision.

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro Intro

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods pro

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro Design

Designers of the OnePlus Buds Pro seem to have a good eye for beautiful things. Despite getting its inspiration from Airpods Pro because of its short stems and its in-ear tips, the OnePlus seems to be more eye-catching than its counterpart.

In terms of color, Oneplus Buds Pro comes in two color variants which are black or white. The buds pro have a mixture of matte plastic on top and a glossy metallic look around the stems. This contrasts with the Airpods Pro color which is purely white.

Both OnePlus Buds Pro and Airpods Pro are perfectly designed to sit in the ears comfortably.

You do not need to bother when you sweat because they have sweat-resistant features. The OnePlus Buds have higher protection against sweat and dust because it meets the IP55 standard while its case has an IPX4 rating. AirPods Pro on the other hand has an IPX4 rating while its case lacks water resistance.

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

This is a most sought-after feature in new wireless earphones and these two have a way of canceling unnecessary noise for you. OnePlus maintains that its Bud’s Pro can block up to 40dB of sound and can also adapt to the intensity of its ANC based on nearby noises. However, Apple has been applauded for offering the best noise-canceling performance in its Airpods pro. It also has another exciting feature termed Transparency Mode; this makes users hear their surroundings clearly as if they have no earphones on. This amazing feature is sadly not available on the OnePlus Buds Pro.

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro Batteries

Battery life is another important thing to take note of when getting a new wireless earphone. OnePlus Buds Pro and Airpods Pro have batteries that last long but one seems to last longer than the other.

With ANC on, you get five hours from OnePlus Buds pro and seven hours when it is off. When using the charging case, you get up to 28 hours with ANC on, and 38 when off, which means you can stay all day without having to find a plug socket. This feature beats Airpods because it offers only 4.5 hours of playtime with ANC on and 5 hours when off. While using the charging case, it can only last 24 hours with ANC off but Apple claims that with 5 minutes of charging, you can get up to 1 hour of playtime.

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Airpods Pro Other Features

OnePlus Buds Pro makes use of OnePlus Audio ID to deliver amazing sound. This app helps test your sensitivity to different frequencies and also tunes the sound output in order to create a personalized sound profile.  AirPods Pro also has a feature related to this but it is only present in the Headphones Accommodations tool on iOS and iPadOS.

OnePlus Buds Pro and Airpods Pro both support fast pairing, voice commands and voice prompts. This helps you control key functions on the device without pushing any button. You can also get information via audio messages to notify you when your battery is running low.

As expected, Apple Airpods are more expensive than the OnePlus Buds Pro. Airpods cost $249 while Buds Pro costs $139.

However, whatever wireless earphones you decide to choose are worth the value. Just make sure you choose the one that suits you best.

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