Nothing Ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro (An Amazing Technology)

Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 keeps beating all odds.
Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Ever since Nothing Ear 1 came into the limelight in July 2021, it became a threat to other wireless earphones. Its features are too cool to be true despite being one of the newest brands in the wireless earphone industry.

Here is the interesting part of this article; the two brands compared in this article have the same (Co-) founder. The Consumer-tech company, Nothing was founded by Carl Pei, who was also the former founder of OnePlus.

One Plus Buds Pro was launched around the same time Nothing Ear 1 was unveiled, this made it seem like a major competitor especially after it disclosed that Ear 1 can be purchased for a lesser price. However, since the company claims the new buds are the “most advanced listening device”, it would definitely not be bothered about Nothing as a company.

Should I buy Nothing Ear 1 or OnePlus Buds Pro?

Nothing Ear 1

The choice of what to buy solely depends on you and what you desire. No doubt, these two wireless earphones are unique in their own way, the choice of what to buy highly depends on what you are happy with.

In this article, we will compare Nothing ear 1 and One Plus Buds Pro in order to guide you in making a choice.


Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Just like OnePlus, Nothing Ear 1 is designed in a way that makes it very comfortable to sit on the ears without being bothered about it falling off. They have almost the same identical oval shapes, replaceable in-ear tips, and stems as well.

Ear 1 is designed with a rare aesthetic look that makes it very unique and attractive at first sight. It comes in a transparent plastic casing that shows the circuit board which makes it look classy.

OnePlus Buds Pro

However, OnePlus Buds Pro has a cool look as well. It has a dual-tone finish with matte plastic for the upper half of the buds attached to cool shiny metal plated stems. OnePlus Buds Pro is available in two colors which are black and white

The two wireless earphones are sweat-resistant and splash-proof which makes them safe for you to exercise with. When water is involved, only the Buds pro can withstand it because it is water-resistant and Dustproof.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

OnePlus Buds Pro and Nothing Ear 1 have Active Noise Cancellation.

OnePlus Buds Pro cancels all unwanted noise and gives amazing sound. Ear (1) also has three high-definition mics for ANC with light, maximum, and transparency mode available to deliver clear sound to the user.


Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Despite being a new model, Nothing Ear 1 Battery power is 31mah and can last for about 5.7 hours on a single charge. However, OnePlus Buds Pro lasts longer. It can last for 7 hours on a single charge and five hours with ANC enabled.

With the battery case and ANC turned off, you get 38hrs battery life on OnePlus Buds Pro and 29hrs battery life on Ear 1.

The two earphones make use of cases that supports fast charging via USB-C and wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices.


Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 and OnePlus Buds Pro produce great sounds. They both have stereo speakers but different sizes of driver’s units. The driver unit is the part of the device that helps produce quality sound. Bigger drivers are more powerful and produce better bass. Ear 1 has a bigger driver unlike the OnePlus Buds Pro. Ear 1 driver size is 11.6mm while OnePlus is 11mm.


Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

Nothing promised to bring tech closer to the people and it kept its promise after the release of Ear 1. Ear 1 is an affordable alternative to all other expensive wireless earphones. It costs less than $100 while the OnePlus Buds Pro costs $40. Bringing the cost of a quality wireless earphone is a great move by Nothing.

Other features

Nothing ear 1 vs OnePlus Buds Pro

One plus Buds Pro and Ear 1 has voice prompts, passive noise reduction, and the same Bluetooth version 5.2.

Only OnePlus Buds Pro has a voice command which allows you to use your voice to control some key functions and makes you access your device easily without pushing any button.

You can also mute/unmute a conversation directly with the OnePlus Buds Pro.

There are so many reasons why you should go for any of these two wireless earphones, the choice is yours. The two earphones are worth every penny you use in purchasing them, just make sure you choose the one that makes you feel classy.

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