(Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro) Crazy and Intuitive Technology

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro

Nothing ear 1 is the newest classy true wireless earbud that has been making waves for some time now.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro
Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro

This new company founded by Carl Pei, former founder of OnePlus, seems to be dragging the seat with top wireless earphones companies like Samsung’s buds and Apple Airpods after the release of Nothing Ear 1, true wireless earbuds.

Nothing Ear 1 which was released in June 2021 has a classy design and attractive look that makes it stand out. Despite being a new model, its cool features cannot be underestimated because it provides you with everything you need in a wireless bud.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro which was released in January 2021 also came with improved features than its previous models. Its features are also unique and are the best companion for people who make use of a Samsung phone and tablet because of its Galaxy Wearables apps. Samsung users can easily customize their experience easily and get connected to Samsung’s world. It works for all Android devices but it is not compatible with IOS devices.

While Galaxy earbuds pro attracts more Samsung users, Nothing ear 1attracts any Andriod or IOS users because it is not affiliated with any particular phone. Its ear app makes the bud easy to use on any device.

The only setback for Nothing is that it is not as popular as Samsung which has worldwide recognition. Their lack of popularity, for now, does not mean the Nothing ear 1 is not worth the hype because its exquisite features keep putting it forward.

One interesting feature that most people strongly expect their earphones to offer is Active Noise Cancellation. The good thing about the new model, Nothing Ear 1 is it offers Active Noise Cancellation features just like Galaxy buds pro.

Both Nothing Ear 1 and Galaxy Buds Pro have classy designs and features that make them unique or similar in their own way.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro
Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Pro


Nothing ear 1 buds and charging case both have a transparent design which makes it look very attractive. Its charging case has a clear plastic base and lid. It also has a USB-C port for charging and a button on it to initiate any process.

Unlike Galaxy buds pro, it has a stem that is almost similar to Apple Airpods. It is also comfortable to use.

However, Galaxy buds pro is different in look. It comes in a ring case that has three color options which are, black silver, and violet. It has small and round. It also has no stem but sits perfectly in the ears.

The two earphones are quite small and they both fit easily in the ear. Their oblong ear tips are quite shallow in order to ensure that they do not go deep into your ears. Their pressure equalizing vents also make sure you don’t feel any discomfort when you pull them out of your ears.

The two wireless earphones are very light. It could make you forget that you have something in your ears when they are not being utilized. Nothing Ear 1 has a weight of 4.7g while the Galaxy buds pro weighs 6g. The size makes Nothing a better choice, however, Nothing’s case weighs 57.4g while Galaxy weighs 57g.

With these two wireless earbuds, sweat and water would not be a problem because they both offer resistance to water. Galaxy buds pro offers IPX7 water resistance which is higher than that of Nothing which offers IPX4.

Active Noise Cancellation

Does Ear 1 have ANC? YES!

The two wireless earphones offer Active Noise Cancellation. Their microphones actually do a pretty good job in cutting background noise out.

Nothing Ear 1 has three high-definition mics for ANC with light, maximum, and transparency mode available.

Galaxy buds pro can also render low, droning sounds three times quieter than they sound normally with ANC on the highest setting.


Both Ear (1) and Galaxy buds pro not only feel alike but sound alike too.

The two buds produce vocal clarity and the bass response is controlled. Their lowest frequency is 20Hz while their highest is 20,000Hz and they both have stereo speakers. This is to show that Nothing is really working at the same pace as its competitors that are older in the wireless earphone world.

Battery Life

For a new model, Nothing Ear 1 has a Battery power of 31mah and can last for about 5.7h while Galaxy buds pro can last up to 7.5 hours on a single charge with ANC turned on.

With the battery case, Galaxy buds pro can give you 28hours of playtime which is the same for Nothing ear 1.

The two earphones make use of cases that supports charging via USB-C and wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices. The amazing part is that they both support fast charging.


Nothing Ear 1 can also be seen as a cheaper alternative to the classic Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Ear 1 cost $ 100 while Galaxy buds pro cost over $180. Nothing ear 1 offers almost the same features as its counterparts. Being lesser does not mean Nothing ear is not valuable, it simply means the company is keeping up to its promise to bring tech closer to people.


Nothing Ear 1 is running this race with the perfect head start because its entrance into the wireless earphone world is very unique. Its features make it a better alternative to top expensive earphone brands. Ear 1 features are closely similar to Galaxy buds pro and these similarities are enough to get it a high rating in the wireless earphone world despite being a new model.

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