Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus (The Awesome Technology Choice?)

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus

The unveiling of Nothing Ear 1 into the wireless earphone world has caused a fuzz in the market. 
Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus
Nothing Ear 1

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Intro

Nothing, a consumer tech company founded by Carl Pei, the former OnePlus founder, unveiled a jaw-dropping classy wireless earphone with exciting modern features.

These cool features incorporated into Nothing Ear 1 made it have a good standing when compared with other top wireless earphones. Apart from being an audio tool, wireless earphones are fast becoming a fashion trend, and Nothing has put in extra work in Ear 1’s design.

Samsung Buds Plus also has amazing qualities as well. It is the improved version of Galaxy buds and it boasts of nicer sound, more comfort, Noise Cancellation, and many more.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus
Galaxy Buds Plus

Is Nothing Ear 1 better than Samsung Buds Plus?

This is a matter of choice, however, whatever your conclusion may be, both earphones are valuable in their own way. In this article, we will compare Nothing Ear 1 with Samsung Buds Plus so as to guide you in choosing the kind of wireless earphone that suits you.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Design

Nothing Ear 1 is beautifully designed in a way that is quite different from regular wireless earphones. It adorns itself with a transparent body that makes you see its circuit board. Its cool design is eye-catching because it is rare to see an earphone that has a transparent look.

Samsung Buds Plus has no stem unlike Ear 1. It easily sits comfortably in the ears because of its oval-like design and subtle, swappable wing tips situated at the top of each bud. Unlike Ear 1, Buds Plus has varieties of colors you can choose from. It comes in White, Black, Blue or Red colors.

In terms of protection against sweat, splash, and dust, Ear 1 performs better. It has an ipx4 rating for resistance against sweat and water splashes; with this, you do not need to bother much during your workout sessions. Buds Plus does not offer sweat resistance as much as Ear 1. It can only survive a few splashes because it has a rating of IPX2 which is quite low.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Battery

Ear 1 takes the lead in this aspect because with a little charge you get many hours of playtime.

The Buds Plus battery capacity which is seen as an improved version of Galaxy Buds can still not match up with Ear 1. Buds Plus only offers 11 hours of battery life with an additional 11 hours from the case. Despite being a new model, Nothing Ear 1 has a Battery power of 31mah and can last for about 5.7 hours and with the battery case, you get up to 29hrs battery life.

The two earphones make use of cases that supports fast charging via USB-C and wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus
Nothing Ear 1

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Active Noise Cancellation

This is a modern feature that most earphone users expect their devices to have. This exotic new feature is present in both of them. Buds Plus makes use of a sturdy fit around the ear that works as a Noise-canceling feature while Ear 1 has three high-definition mics to achieve ANC. It has light, maximum, and transparency modes available. Buds Plus also has a feature similar to Transparency mode which is the ambient mode. It helps you to hear your surroundings like you have no bud on your ear.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Sound

Nothing Ear 1 and Buds Plus both produce great sounds. Buds Plus has a 2-way speaker and three microphones but produces a lesser quality of bass; probably because of its small size. Ear 1 has stereo speakers and a driver size of 11.6mm. Its bass is obviously unique.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Connected Apps

The two earphones also give users the free will to adjust their sound experience and customize their choice with the help of their Apps. With the Galaxy Buds Plus app, you can adjust the six EQ settings which are: normal, bass boost, soft, dynamic, and treble boost. You can also check battery status, activate the buds’ ambient sound feature, and customize the touch controls. Ear 1 App also offers a handful of EQ presets and touch control customization. Another interesting fact about the Ear 1 App is that you can find your earphones with Find My Earbuds feature anytime you misplace them. This feature forces your earphones to emit a high-pitched beep loud enough to help you find them.

Both Galaxy Buds Plus app and Ear 1 app can be used with both Android and IOS devices.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Plus Other Features

Nothing is obviously keeping its promise to bring tech closer to people. This can be seen in the price of Ear 1. Despite all its exciting features, Ear 1 costs $100 while Buds Plus costs $140. Ear 1 offers so many values at an affordable price while Samsung has the name already.

These two earphones give you the same classy feel and meet your digital need however, one will definitely appeal to you than the other. Which of these wireless earphones would you prefer?

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