Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Amazing Competition

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live

Can Nothing Ear 1 compete with Galaxy Buds Live?

Nothing Ear 1 or Galaxy Buds Live

Nothing Ear 1 is the most recent true wireless earphone that has been making a good name for itself ever since it was unveiled. Ear 1 s a product of Nothing which was founded by Carl Pei, the former CEO of OnePlus. Ear 1 caused a fuzz in the market after it came with cool new features at an affordable price.

Ever since Nothing Ear 1 was introduced, it was seen as a better alternative to top expensive wireless earphones. Despite being the first of its brand, whenever Ear 1 is compared with other wireless earphones, its features are usually most times rated or equal to that of their counterparts.

Galaxy Buds Live is also not a bad choice. The Kidney-bean- shaped earbuds are the first truly wireless earbuds from Samsung that come with noise cancellation features. Since its release in August 2020, it still has a wide acceptance level because of its prominent features. The earbuds can easily compete with the likes of Apple AirPods and Google Pixel Buds.

However, you might ask, “Is Galaxy Buds Live worth it?” This question is based on the alternative you have in mind. Like every other wireless earphone, it has its own downside too. For instance, Buds Live has a low rating for water resistance, its noise cancellation cannot be considered as one of the best, and many more faults but that does not mean it has no value to offer.

Do you think Nothing Ear 1 is better than Galaxy Buds Live?

Let’s compare Nothing Ear 1 with Galaxy Buds Live in order to provide an answer to this question.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live

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Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Design

The Nothing Ear 1 true wireless earbuds have an eye-catching interesting look. It seems to have gotten its inspiration from Apple Airpods but decided to add some new styles to it. It has a stem just like Apple’s Airpods and a unique shiny transparent body that reveals the circuit board. This kind of design is so uncommon. However, the case is slightly fragile because of its transparency, the hinges are average, but the earbuds’ magnet sticks to their dock firmly.

Samsung decided to do something different with Galaxy Buds Live by designing the bean-shaped Buds. It has a glossy look and a matt-finish case with strong hinges. The earbuds sit perfectly in the ears but people with small ears do not find it easy to use because it falls off their ears

The two earphones are good for workout sessions because they are sweat and splash resistance but Galaxy Buds live does little in resisting sweat or splash. Ear 1 is the best option for this situation. It has an ipx4 rating for sweat and splash resistance while Buds Live resistance rating is IPX2 which is quite low.

They both have touch features that help you play or pause, skip tracks backward or forwards, increase or decrease volume.

One thing to also note is Ear 1 is lightweight. It weighs 9.4g while Buds Live weighs 11.2g.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Active Noise Cancellation

This is a modern feature that most wireless earphone users expect their devices to have. These two earphones offer Noise Cancellation features.

Ear 1 achieves ANC with its three high-definition mics. It has light, maximum, and transparency modes available to deliver clear sound to users.

Despite being relatively small in size, Galaxy Buds Live also helps reduces low-band background noise. Although, it is not close to being perfect because achieving ANC on the earbud depends on the volume of what you’re listening to and how fitted it is in the ear. 

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Battery

Nothing’s Ear 1 has an excellent battery performance. It has a Battery power of 570 mAh and can last for about 5.7 hours after a single charge while the battery case offers extra 29hrs of playtime.

Galaxy Buds Live on the other hand has a battery capacity of 472 mAh and can last up to six hours with a single charge, With the battery case, you can get up to 15h of battery life.

These earphones’ cases support fast charging via USB-C and wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices. They both boast of providing one hour of playtime with just five minutes of charging.     

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Sound

They both produce nice and clear sound but Ear 1 takes the lead in this aspect because its highs mids and bass are all well balanced.

However, Galaxy Buds Live can produce a deeper bass because of its driver unit size of 12mm unlike Ear 1 that has an 11.6mm driver unit size.

If you are bothered about getting the best sound from your Buds, go for Ear 1.

 Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Connected Apps

These two earphones also give users the free will to adjust their sound experience and customize their choice with the help of their Apps.

You can customize the Buds Live through Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app on Android or Galaxy Buds app on iOS. You can also do the same with the Ear 1 app on both Android and IOS phones.

Ear 1 app, Galaxy Wearable App and Galaxy Buds App provide you with a wide range of functions for your satisfaction, for instance, on these apps, you can toggle active noise canceling feature, use Find My Earbuds to track down a lost bud anytime you misplace them, switch between the six audio presets, including Normal, Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble boost, customize your Buds experience and many other functions.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live

Nothing Ear 1 vs Galaxy Buds Live – Conclusion

With this comparison, Ear 1 takes the top position because of its better features that beat Galaxy Buds live. Ear 1 costs $99.99 while Buds live costs $129.99. Truly, they both offer value for their price but Ear 1 stands as a better choice.

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