nothing ear 1 vs airpods pro

(Nothing Ear 1 Vs Airpods Pro) Is the Nothing Ear 1 Better Than Airpods Pro?

Nothing Ear 1 Vs Airpods Pro

 Can Nothing Ear 1 contest with Apple’s Airpods Pro?

 Nothing Ear (1) vs AirPods Pro

Nothing as a company seems keen on taking over from Apple after it unveiled its new product, Nothing Ear 1 true wireless earphones. Nothing Ear 1 vs Airpods Pro.

Ear 1 has almost all the features you need from a pair of wireless earbuds as it can easily be compared with AirPods Pro. The only setback for Nothing is it does not have the same worldwide recognition as Apple. Apple AirPods is popular for being one of the best noise-canceling earbuds in the world and hardly needs any introduction.

However, Nothing Ear 1 is trying so hard to top the ladder by being a cheaper alternative to AirPods Pro. You might want to ask, is Nothing Ear (1) the same as Apple’s AirPods Pro? In terms of features, Ear (1) is quite similar to AirPods Pro as it seems Nothing got its inspiration from Apple.

Nothing Ear (1)

In a bid to guide your choice, this article will take you through the features of Nothing Ear (1) vs AirPods Pro.


ANC features

Does Nothing’s Ear (1) have Active Noise Cancellation? Yes. Just like AirPods Pro, Nothing Ear (1) has Active Noise Cancellation. The bud has three high-definition mics for ANC with light, maximum, and transparency modes available. Airpod’s Pro also has two microphones providing noise cancellation with transparency mode available.

Battery Life

According to ratings, AirPods Pro can stay up for about 4.5 hours with ANC while Ear (1) is only rated for 4 hours. With the charging case, Ear (1) can stay up for about 27 hours while AirPods Pro can stay up to 24 hours. The battery life feature presents Ear (1) as a better choice.


Sound Quality

Both AirPods Pro and Ear (1) not only feel alike but sound alike too.

They both produce vocal clarity and the bass response is controlled. Ear (1)’s sound quality should not be underestimated as it delivers balanced audio just like Airpods Pro.

Nothing Ear (1) vs AirPods Pro 

Connected App

Airpods Pro does not make use of any app but works only with IOS, thus neglecting Android users. This is not the case for Ear (1) as its App works with any kind of phone. Though, the notable properties of AirPods pro cannot be underestimated as it has fast pairing ability, can switch between multiple Apple devices, voice controls, audio personalization, spatial audio support, and the ability to listen to Siri reading your notifications to you.

Ear (1) is also not missing out in this aspect as it has some juicy features as well. It uses Android Fast Pair and its Ear (1) App offers touch control customization and a handful of EQ presets.

You can also make use of the Find My Earbuds feature when you misplace them. The feature forces both buds to emit a high-pitched beep loud enough to help you find your buds.



The two buds might look different but they have the same feel. They have almost the same identical oval shape that makes them comfortable in the ear. The two have replaceable in-ear tips and stems as well. While Apple’s stem is obviously white, Ear (1) is designed with a rare aesthetic look that makes it stand out. Ear (1) has a transparent plastic casing that shows the circuitry inside it.

The two buds both meet the IPX4 standard splash-proofing and sweat resistance.



The price gap between the two buds is really wide. AirPods Pro costs over 250 USD but Nothing Ear 1 is just 99 USD. We can choose to describe Ear (1) as a cheaper version of AirPods Pro because of the almost similar features. The only downside to this is that Ear (1) can only be purchased at Nothing because the company chose to be the sole seller of the earbuds but that should not be a restriction.

With these comparisons and features highlighted, you should be able to choose the best wireless earphones that suit you.

 So, let me know, Ear (1) or AirPods Pro, which do you prefer?

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