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MrWhoseTheBoss – Can You Trust MrWhoseTheBoss? 2021 Technology

MrWhoseTheBoss – Can You Trust MrWhoseTheBoss?

Arun Maini has built an incredible YouTube channel where he talks about tech and innovation. Even though he has a huge following, we still need to be evaluating the YouTubers we watch to make sure they are telling the truth. MrWhoseTheBoss gets many brand sponsorships and paid ads specifically to put in these videos. Do the sponsors refrain him from telling the truth?


Arun Is Open

One thing that can cut down on mistrust is being open. Arun has openly explained how the sponsored content works. It makes it easier for us as a viewer to know “what’s up” in a video. 

Arun Is Relevant

Many YouTubers get many brand partnership opportunities. Whether they take those opportunities is up to them. I think if YouTubers accept sponsored items that 1) they have no experience with and 2) are out of their niche, they are likely doing it just for the money. Arun himself will only take sponsors that he thinks will benefit his valuable audience.

Arun Is True

Some YouTubers grab a sponsorship and recite what the company tells them to say for the check. Arun has explicitly said, “This is not me”. When creators are as honest as this, it shows how much they care about the audience. 

arun maini net worth


I genuinely know you can trust MrWhoseTheBoss. His videos are amazing, and he is too. If you love tech, then you will love this channel. I will include a video below of him explaining in-depth how his income works. I would love you to watch it and enjoy it. Thanks