Wat the most liked youtube comment deleted

Most Liked YouTube Comment Link [2021] Is it still there?

Most Liked YouTube Comment [2021] It’s still there

There is a most liked comment and you will find out what it is in the article. Many People think it was deleted, but it wasn’t. Here’s the deal. Youtube doesn’t rank comments the way you expected. You thought all comments are sorted by the number of likes. Wrong! Youtube wants to recommend recent comments that are doing well.

What Is The Video With The Most Liked Comment?

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy (Is The Video With The Most Liked Youtube Comment)

What Is The Most Liked Comment – YouTube?

The most liked comment is by ‘SethEverman’ saying “i’m the bald guy”.

Most liked youtube comment

How Many Likes Does The Most Liked Comment Ever Have?

It has 3.2 million likes.

Most liked youtube comment ever

Is Seth Everman’s Youtube Comment Deleted?

NO. It’s just lost in the over 800,000 comments on the video.

How Do I Find Seth’s Comment If Its Lost?

It’s simple. I will give you a link below.

What Is The Most Liked Youtube Comment Link?

The Most Liked YouTube Comment Is This: https://youtube.com/watch?v=DyDfgMOUjCI&lc=Ugyb0OkJoZemhn5BD194AaABAg