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MKBHD Wallpapers – The Marques Brownlee Wallpaper Library – Best 2021

MKBHD Wallpapers

Marques Brownlee is a very influential Youtuber in the tech world. (That’s no lie) Because of this, many people want his suite of wallpapers that he uses. I personally love his wallpapers, and I’m sure you will too.

“Marques Brownlee Wallpaper” Library

This tweet is where he publicly shared his wallpapers with everyone. Thanks, Marques for that. So of the wallpapers are 4k which makes an extremely large file. Others are sized for mobile or desktop. I hope you enjoy the wallpapers. Be sure to thank Marques by liking the tweet or something. Here is the link for the google drive folder: (Google Drive Wallpapers Folder)

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mkbhd wallpapers
Thanks, bro