How to make a crazy Shopify website in 5 minutes: Detailed Beginner Step by Step

 A Shopify website is one of the best ways to get into drop-shipping and e-commerce on the web. When I first looked at making Shopify store, it looked very complicated hard to use. Very soon I figured out how easy it was to work through making a store. I want to pass that knowledge on to you and make the process as easy as possible for you. This article will be divided so you can easily follow and build your store.

Minute 1:

 Go to and click start free trial. On the next page you will be prompted to put email, password, and store name. Answer or skip evaluation questions for Shopify. Lastly, input your name and address so you can get paid.

Minute 2:  After filling in all information you will be given option to enter store. Click that and familiarize yourself with the Shopify user interface. Make sure you know all the sidebar options and play around with it for a bit.

Minute 3:

 Now that your store is made you need to choose and customize theme. Click ‘Online Store’ in the sidebar and directly under that, click ‘themes’. You can either use their basic one or choose a free one. Customize your theme how you want it.

Minute: 4

 Your site’s design is now completed. Go to Settings (bottom of sidebar) and enable payments so you can get paid when someone buys something from your store. You can also set your shipping settings in the settings tab. After you have changed some settings, buy your domain if you want one.

Minute: 5

 The last thing to do is add products to your store. Go to the Shopify apps tab and click visit store. Search for Oberlo and download. Make account and find and import products. Now you Shopify store is made, and you can start selling.