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Landis Contact Center – Amazing 1st Teams Contact Center App

Landis Contact Center – First Teams Contact Center App

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Teams Contact Center

What Is Landis Contact Center?

Landis Contact Center is an integrated Teams Contact Center App built on native Microsoft Communication APIs. Contact Center design uses the Teams Power/Extend model that utilizes existing Microsoft Calling and Direct Routing trunks. All this means Landis can achieve a higher level of integration of reliability by keeping the calls totally in Teams. Other Contact Centers use the Connect model that routes calls through an external service to obtain reporting then bringing them back into Teams. This article will explain Microsoft Teams and Landis Contact Center.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform focused on you staying up to date on your team. The platform freely gives you the tools you need to skyrocket control over your business. They focus a lot on meetings, video conferences, and calling. Many people are switching to Teams Voice to manage the inbound and outbound calls of their business. Teams will enable big companies to have the entire employee base seamlessly taking and transferring calls.

Why do companies need Landis Contact Center?

If Teams Voice is so good, why do companies need Landis Contact Center? One of the main reasons is the need for call insights and reporting. One of the best examples is this. If I don’t know who is abandoning calls, how can I find and help that potential client? Landis Contact Center can and will offer you some much-needed insights to truly deliver your customers a high-quality experience. The service also can track agent productivity with insights on how long they spent taking calls.

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Landis Contact Center Home Page

Landis Contact Center Goals

The product has several key design goals I want to explain before we go into the features. These goals outline the entire service and what Landis is trying to do for you.

  • Simplicity

We all think of deploying a contact center as time-consuming, hard work. Landis decided to change that and make the setup as simple as possible. You can easily set up a new contact center in a few minutes. The service proves to be simple to learn, deploy, and purchase.

  • Familiarity

Training all you call center agents in a brand-new product usually is difficult. Landis is changing that with their design. Agents now need little training on a product that “looks and feels” just like Microsoft Teams.

  • Powerful

We all want to deploy something that has power. You get just that when the service has Microsoft integration. Landis produces a service with so many powerful functions you can use.

  • Open

Landis has built the service to be very open to your needs. You could integrate Microsoft Power Apps that you use for your business to work alongside the Contact Center. These apps include Automate, Bi, and others.

  • Trustworthy

A trustworthy service is what we want. Landis has delivered that with a service built on Azure and integrated with Teams. The design goals of Landis Contact Center are and show all the effort put into the product.

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Landis Contact Center Features

The features are something we need to run an intuitive contact center. I will lay out many of the best features so you can easily see what is available.

  • Analytics

The reporting is probably one of the most needed features of the Contact Center. In a nutshell, you have complete data and history for live and historical calls. Inside analytics, you have live sentiment analysis that gives you advanced insights on how well a call is going. Wallboards is a feature that can display entire call live center stats on an easy-to-read dashboard.

  • Call Controls

Call recording is available so you can record, and track things said on calls. Another popular feature is Barge-in which allows a manager to join and help an agent out on an ongoing call that isn’t going well. If you want to record the call outcome, you can use a feature called Wrap-up questions.

  • Other Features

Other popular features include the ability to add music on hold and the caller requesting a callback. The Contact Center can integrate with CRM and gain even more power for your business. Secure Azure sign-in makes the product more credible.

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Is Landis Contact Center GA?

Yes, it is GA and ready to use.

Learn more about Landis Contact Center by following this link.