LinkedIn brand-building has been on the extreme rise for the past few years.

It seems like everyone wants a personal brand.

Why? You may ask…

Personal brands are precious to any of us in the long term. Our career could change many times and our personal brand will change with it.

Our personal brand could help us as job seekers find jobs, or help us entrepreneurs show our products to others.

Right now, I think LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to have a personal brand on.

I’ve heard of entrepreneurs with TikTok and Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers but who are hardly making NY money with their brands.

In contrast, some accounts on LinkedIn with less than 10k followers are making multiple 5-figures from it.

So, where do you find advice on how to start growing on LinkedIn?

You could go to Google or YouTube and see what you could learn.

I recently create a blueprint to help others understand how to grow on LinkedIn if you want the easy way out.

Link to the blueprint: ($27) Click Here

That’s today’s secret.

Published On: October 4th, 2022 / Categories: LinkedIn Secrets /

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