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Iphone 13 VS XR Review/Specs Comparison – I Love The 13

iPhone 13 VS XR

The newly released iPhone 13 is bound to be the best-selling iPhone for Apple in the new 13 series. Since Apple sold 8 million iPhone XR units, there are bound to be XR owners looking to upgrade to the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 is a great new phone, so I’ll show you some of the differences to the iPhone XR.

iphone 13 vs xr

iPhone 13 VS XR Display

The display is one of the huge improvements on the iPhone 13. XR had an LCD display while the 13 now has an OLED display. Way better colors and brightness are what you’ll find on the 13. To be exact, the iPhone 13 has a 41% higher pixel density. The XR had a resolution of 720p, while the new 13 has upgraded that to 1080p. They both refresh at 60hz. Check out the 13 Pro if you need a 120hz refresh. The XR had Tempered glass and the 13 now has the new Ceramic Shield. Both support HDR 10 while the 13 supports even more including Dolby Vision.

iPhone 13 VS XR Design

They are both nearly the same size at 6.1in displays. The 13 does have the new flat edges around the outside of the phone compared to the rounded edges of the XR. The 13 improves massively by shrinking the bezels and notch on the front. This means the 13 will give you 7% more screen area on the front. The 13 is also more durable than the XR with better glass and drop resistance.

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iPhone 13 VS XR Cameras

The XR has a single camera while the 13 has a dual-camera system. The 13 has a wide and ultrawide camera both at 12 megapixels. The XR only has a single 12-megapixel wide camera. The XR has a slightly better flash than the 13, but the 13 has slightly better image resolution.

iPhone 13 VS XR Performance

These phones are vastly different in terms of performance. The XR has Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, while the 13 has Apple’s A15 Bionic chip. This basically means the 13 is WAY faster than the XR. The 13 has a higher max clock speed and higher CPU and GPU performance. Also, the 13 has 6GB Ram and the XR has only 3GB Ram. The XR is still a pretty snappy phone, but the 13 will blow any other phone out of the water speed-wise. The base storage is also double in the 13 at 128GB.

iPhone 13 VS XR Battery

The overall battery size is pretty much the same between these two phones. There are some battery improvements over the XR though. The 13 charges at 20W and the XR only charged at 15W. The battery was really hyped on stage, so expect better battery performance out of the 13. This is thanks to the new A15 chip that can simply do tasks more efficiently.

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iPhone 13 VS XR Conclusion

Of course, if you are on a budget the XR is a really good deal at the low price it is. At the moment, the XR can be easily purchased new for $399, while the 13 is $799. If you are thinking about upgrading to the 13, I would strongly recommend you do so. Apple isn’t launching another phone till next year, so upgrade and enjoy the iPhone 13.

Common Questions

What Is The iPhone 13 Price?

$799, with 128GB base storage

What Is The iPhone 13 Release Date?

September 14, 2021

Is The iPhone 13 Worth It?

Yes, It has a lot of awesome features.

Should I Buy The iPhone 13?

Yes. Buy it and enjoy it.