how to use an under display selfie camera
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How To Use An Under Display Camera: Controversial 2021 Truth

The Under-Display camera is a new technology that makes use of the hidden cameras on Smartphones. How To Use An Under Display Camera.

How To Use An Under Display Camera
Galaxy Z Fold 3 makes use of Under-Display Camera

Manufacturers are bent on creating better displays for phones and this fostered the birth of the Under-display cameras. 

How To Use An Under Display Camera

The ultimate aim of the Under-display camera is to create an edge-to-edge display in which all four edges of the screen will reach the frame with no additional fixtures.

Over the years, improvements have been made to make the screen unobtrusive with no additional fixtures but the only problem encountered was that there was no place to put the front (selfie) camera which usually sits at the top of the screen.

Inventions like pop-up camera mechanisms,  tiny dewdrop notches, flip cameras, and punch-hole cameras have been introduced to hide the camera but manufacturers did not stop there. In a bid to achieve full display, a new technology called the Under-Display camera, also known as USC (under-screen camera) or UPC (under-panel camera) was introduced. 

What is an Under-display camera? 

The UPC/USC or Under-display camera is a camera that’s hidden behind the display panel of the smartphone. The major purpose of the Under-Display camera is to completely hide the camera on the display. It only works well with an OLED display.

The Under-Display camera is very incredible because it is strong enough to see through the phone’s display. It makes the Smartphone look more beautiful because of the edge-to-edge full display.

The first phone to make use of an Under-display camera is the ZTE Axon 20 5G. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 also comes with an Under-display camera while Xiaomi and Oppo have phones that make use of this technology but are yet to be released.

How to Use An Under display Camera

There is no special method in making use of an Under-display camera. The camera works the same way every front camera works. All you need to do is to launch the camera app and take pictures or record videos with the Under-display camera. It works like every other front camera but the only difference is that the camera is hidden. That’s how to use an under display camera.

How does an Under-display camera work? 

Due to the complexity in the structure of the Under-display camera, one might wonder how the camera itself works.

Phones that make use of an Under-display camera have a small portion near the top of the display panel that is transparent. This portion allows light through to a camera that’s behind the display. This part of the screens display that allows light into the camera is designed in a way that makes it feel like it is completely invisible but once you shine light directly on the area of the display hiding the camera, you would be able to clearly see the area of the display that’s allowing light through to the camera.

There are some negative ratings to the Under-Display Camera which includes the camera’s image quality. The image quality of the Under-Display camera is yet to be considered the best because getting a very good picture might not be possible. Cameras need light to take very good pictures but when the light that comes through the sensor encounters any form of restriction, a sharp image might not be possible. In this case, the passage of light is restricted by the thin layer of the transparent glass that covers the screen. Its presence might make the picture quality drop especially in situations where the light present in the environment is very low.


Hopefully, as new technologies begin to modify the under-display camera by making the transparent display portion more transparent, better AI/algorithms should also be developed so as to help filter the light that comes from the screen.

Considering the fact that this kind of camera is new, we expect it to improve over time.

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