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Is This Crazy Pi Network A Scam? How Much Will Pi Be Worth In 2021?

What is Pi Network?

Pi network is the first cryptocurrency that you can mine for free on your phone. Pi as an app is currently at 21 million users and active plans to go MainNet at 1 billion users. MainNet simply means they will join all the other cryptocurrencies in the market. Free mining immediately stops when they enter MainNet, and all the Pi coins you mined for free will hold value and you will be able to sell them for a profit. No, Pi is not a scam. There is a plan and you could benefit from it if you take action.

How Can You Join Pi?

You simply download the app from the Google or Apple app store and start mining. Once you have the app downloaded, you simply press the “mine” button every 24 hours and watch your coins grow. You can even control how much you make by inviting more people. The more people you invite, the more coins you get in your mining. Would you like 1 free Pi coin? Download the app using my invite code (sterlingku) or follow my link, to claim your free Pi coin.

pi network

Why should you join Pi Network?

There is really no reason not to join Pi now. It only takes a minute out of your day to click the “mine” button, and you could be missing out on almost free money. Pi team has active plans to go MainNet at the end of 2021, so start mining and grab your slice of the cake.

How much will Pi be worth?

This is probably one of the most asked questions, so I will give you the answer. It depends. Pi could be worth over $100 per coin or not even worth $1. But chances are if you start mining for free from now and hold on to your coins for years, you could sell at a massive profit. Here’s how it will work. Free mining will end, and demand for the coins will go up. Coin demand goes up which drives the price up.

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Hope you enjoyed this article. As already mentioned, you can download the app using my invite code (sterlingku) or follow my link to claim your free Pi. Don’t forget to check out me and my Linkedin.

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Interesting post on pi network thanks for sharing