How I get an eBay selling limit increase every day in 2020

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Selling Limits (eBay)

We all have a love/hate relationship with our eBay selling limits. A brand new eBay account can only sell 10 items a month. What most people don’t know is that this pitiful selling limit can be raised to 100 items in several minutes. The best way to do this is live chat.

As long as you have made several sales in the last while with a good transaction history, they will raise them. With my personal account, I got a listing increase every day for several days straight. I even got two increases in one day once. Beware of mistakes with going up on limits so fast.

Pro tip: Always know when your 250 free listings run out.

 I made the mistake of running those 250 listings out and had to pay for several thousand listings I had listed after the free ones ran out. You may ask how I had time to list thousands in several hours. This was through a dropshipping software that made it very easy to do so.

ebay selling limit

Moral if the story: The eBay selling limits can and will be raised by eBay.


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