Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs – Best Technology For Money

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs

Which is better? Should you buy the recently released Galaxy Watch 3 or buy the cheaper Watch Active 2? I will try to answer those two simple questions in this article.

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs – Price

Price is the main thing that separates these two watches. The Watch Active 2 has a base model price of 269 dollars, while the Galaxy Watch 3 has a base model price of 399 dollars.

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs – Design

This is a very big gap considering they have mostly the same specs.
The Watch 3 has one main improvement over the Watch Active 2, which is the rotating bezel. The new watch now has a physical rotating bezel, which is a huge improvement over the haptic feedback rotating bezel of the older watch. The physical rotating bezel is very expensive to make but is probably not worth the extra chunk of money. The Watch active 2 comes in more colors and has the exact same screen size as the Galaxy Watch 3. The Watch 3 comes in 41mm and 45 and the Active 2 comes in 40mm and 44mm, but both sizes have the exact same screen sizes.

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs – Features

They both have heart rate sensors, speakers, microphones, two buttons on the side, an IP68 water resistance rating, and a rotating bezel. They both have the same processor and same battery, but the Watch Active 2 does have 1.5GB RAM while the base model Watch 3 only has 1GB RAM. The Watch 3 does have double the onboard storage with 8GB Storage, and the Watch Active 2 only has 4GB internal storage. The Watch Active 2 does have a less classy look than the Watch 3 coming with silicone bands, while the Watch 3 does come with a very nice leather strap and more of a professional build.

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs – Conclusion

The Watch 3 also has new watch faces and drop detection that the Watch Active 2 doesn’t have. In conclusion, I think I would probably buy the Watch 3, but it may not be worth the extra money. Which would you guys choose?

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Specs
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