apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 Is Here With A Crazy Bang

Apple Watch Series 7

Of course, Tim says this is “the most advanced smartwatch ever”, but is it really? I really think Apple did enough improvements to count this watch a worthy upgrade. This Watch takes almost every spec to the next possible level.

Improved Display

In the Apple Watch line, the displays have been the same from Series 4 through Series 6. Series 7 has finally improved on the display with much-needed fixes. I love all the updates. The bezels are now 40% thinner which is exactly what we wanted. Now that the display is bigger, it can fit 50% more text on the screen than the Series 6. This makes the screen bigger but keeps the watch case size the same. The case and display also have softer more rounded corners. This makes for a refined look and a beautiful aesthetic. Overall, the design and display improvements are phenomenal, and I love them.

apple watch series 7 release date

Improved Durability

Apple also claimed that is the most durable smartwatch they have ever made. This is likely to be true because they made the last one (lol). Anyway, the screen is now basically crack resistant make it more durable in the aspect of breaking screens. Breaking the screen was a common occurrence on other Apple Watches so hopefully, this improves that track record. One of the “breaking news” durability features was IP6X dust resistance. Also supports the same swim-proof WR50 rating as the last watch from Apple. Basically, Apple is telling you to take the watch anywhere and not worry about it.

is there a series 7 apple watch

Improved Battery

If you own an Apple Watch, you have probably seen how bad the battery is if you heavily use your watch on the day. Apple didn’t mention any battery compacity upgrades, but they did mention something else. Faster charging is the new headline feature in the Apple Watch. To be exact, they offer 33% faster charging than the last one. Not sure how they figure the exact percentages of this stuff, but they DO. More battery charging specs include 45 minutes 0-80% charge. Also, 8 minutes of charge can get you 8 hours of sleep tracking.

does apple watch have oxygen sensor

Improved Fitness

Talking about fitness took up a huge part of this Apple Watch section of the release. Fitness+ is basically your easy way to bring your gym instructor to your house. Another hyped feature was the ability to work better with biking. Activity now auto-detects when you start biking and stops tracking when you stop biking. They also claimed that activity works better with E-bikes. Cycling updates to update you as you cycle is a new improved feature.

Fall detection was always an awesome gimmick feature. I’ve had it false detect many times when I hadn’t fallen, and it didn’t detect when I “actually” fell one time. Either way, Apple has announced that fall detection will now include falling off a bike. Funny how they didn’t tell us last time that fall detection won’t detect falling off a bike.

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Improved UI

The UI of the Watch has been greatly improved and what I love the most about this update. The Always-On display is now up to 70% brighter than Series 6. As mentioned earlier, but 50% more text can be fit on-screen. Buttons have been redesigned to be bigger and match the size of the new screen. When typing on the new watch, we now have new ways to input that text more intuitively. The Ui has been greatly improved with Watch OS 8 and a lot of work has been put in to make it optimized.

Not-Improved Prices

As Always, Apple proudly claims that the aluminum case is made from recycled material. The watch has 5 new case colors that look stunning. Many new band colors are available and old watch bands will still fit the Series 7. The current watches Apple sells are Apple Watch Series 3 ($199), Apple Watch SE ($279), and Apple Watch Series 7 ($399).

Common Questions

Is there a Series 7 Apple Watch?

Yes. It was released and is now public knowledge.

When is the Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date?

Series 7 was released on September 14, 2021.

Does Apple Watch have oxygen sensor?

Yes, Series 7 and Series 6 have an oxygen sensor.

What are the Apple Watch Series 7 sizes?

40mm and 44mm. Same as the last 3 generations of the Apple Watch.

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