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Apple Watch Series 6 (Best Smartwatch Ever: Is It The Crazy Myth Of Reality?)

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

This is one of Apple’s latest smartwatches. Although the Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t drastically distinct from prior generations, it does include a few noticeable advancements and technologies that provide a competitive advantage over its predecessors. The main goal of the Apple Watch has always been fitness, and with this current design, it is much more visible. In addition, various new instruments provide health benefits, such as blood oxygen measuring and enhanced sleep recording.

 For all those who desire blood oxygen tracking, an ECG, and always being on display, and a more quality look and feel, the Apple Watch Series 6 is Apple’s most advanced wristwatch.

What does it offer?

There is no requirement to review anything new. According to Apple, the S6 is 20 times quicker than its predecessor. It also has a slightly brighter screen, three additional color options, a new blood oxygenation sensor, an accelerometer that is always on, faster recharging, and the U1 processor.


With the same slender bezel screens in 40mm and 44mm sizes to fit various bands, the shell is virtually comparable to the Apple Watch Series 5. In terms of thickness, it is 10.4mm thick and features a specific square appearance as in previous models.

It is compatible with all prior Apple Watch wristbands because the case hasn’t changed. These variants have a height and width of forty millimeters, while the 44-millimeter models have a height and width of eighty millimeters. According to the dimensions and shell quality, the stainless steel Apple Watch versions are heavy at 30.5 grams to 47.1 grams.

A classic black and crystalline back contains several detectors for heart pulse measurement, blood oxygen tracking, and ECGs in all versions. There are double as many LEDs on the base of Series 6 as there were on Series 5. In addition, there are four LED patches and four laser diodes on the Apple Watch Series 6 to enable the healthcare monitoring functionalities of the device.

Oxygen sensor:

It has a whole new blood oxygen detector built within the ultrasonic blood pressure cuff. The equipment measures your blood’s oxygen concentration. To take your patient vital signs, hospital professionals utilize the small finger clamp gadget.

It can be a valuable statistic for people with respiration difficulties or disorders. While it’s marketed as a fitness tracker, the Apple Watch is just a wellbeing tool. A bright LED array illuminates the sensor to analyze the light reflecting on acquiring a signal when it’s functioning. You can directly initiate a measurement, but the gadget will also keep track of this statistic in the back for you to see. Long-term patterns are more important than current values.

U1 chip:

There wasn’t a whole lot to the U1 chip when Apple first unveiled it. Numerous months passed before it changed. It is only now, with the latest album of WatchOS 8, that we are beginning to see its possibilities in full force. Using super-fast connectivity, the U1 wireless chipset can synchronize with other connected apps and help pinpoint precise positions.

If you’re a WatchOS 8 user, you’ll be able to download the Find My app directly to your device. There is a possibility that you can use it to retrieve Apple products such as earbuds, the iPhone, or the Air Tag right from your watch. U1-equipped Apple gadgets will be able to function as full-fledged keys for automobiles and intelligent locks, according to Apple.

Apple’s U1 has a restricted set of features at the moment so that they won’t be helpful right immediately, but at least we have a sense of what Apple plans to accomplish with it in the future.

Workout Tracker:

Exercise tracker of the highest caliber. There are many wellbeing monitoring options in Apple Health, and the heart tracker has shown reliability throughout the years. However, an Apple Watch is still required to use Apple’s Health Plus membership program, which delivers ten different kinds of engaging video exercises for $10 per month.

This is especially true if you intend to use the Apple Watch Series 6 while lifting heavy weights or running across rugged terrain. You’ll be able to protect the complete package from scratches as well as damages.


The power of life is good but not exceptional. Incorporating two mechanical ECG readings, two manual blood oxygen records, and a 25-minute run, the Series 6 will last more than 36 hours on a single charge.

Approximately 10 and 12 percent of the battery life was eaten for tracking purposes during the night. We are utilizing a 2A USB battery charger. Series 6 charges from zero to 100 percent in only 83 minutes and 80 percent in just 56 minutes, which is higher than Series 5.

WatchOS 7:

With the updated technology, voice recognition is now available on the gadget itself, so your language is transformed to text quicker, more securely, and without the need for internet access. This involves replying to messages, chatting to Siri, and other parts and pieces of information.

Compared to Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant on their fitness trackers, establishing a timer with Siri is now basically instantaneous. However, it can still set multiple dials, which is inconvenient when you’re preparing food.

Final Thoughts:

That this is the finest Apple Watch comes as no surprise. Additionally, it’s the most excellent smartwatch for iPhone owners, and it’s in the running for the best smartwatch overall. Even though it costs $399, the Series 6 feels ideally fitted for long-term use in a market where smartwatches tend to become dated rather rapidly.

It has a constructed U1 chip, updated with additional functions over the next few years. Other Apple Watch opponents are also in turmoil at present, including Fitbit, Samsung, and Sony.

SAMSUNG and Google have revealed a new wristwatch platform that will combine Google’s WearOS with Samsung’s Tizen. As a result, Android smartwatches may become more popular in the coming years, but for now, the market is a jumble. If you’re looking for the best Apple Watch, go for the Series 6. For many other people, though, price is a factor.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

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