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Apple Podcasts VS Pocket Casts vs Overcast – Hot Technology 2021

Apple Podcasts VS Pocket Casts vs Overcast

There are many wonderful choices for listening to podcasts using iOS. There’s the Apple Podcasts program is installed for the majority of iOS devices and can be synced with other devices. It’s a great application however, is it the most effective? For iOS users, there’s an abundance of third-party options. The goal of this post is to go through a few of the most popular podcasting apps and help in deciding which one is the best fit for your needs. What is the most effective iPhone podcast application?

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Is Apple Podcasts the best podcast app for iPhone?

The market for podcast apps is dominating by Apple Podcasts. This is by far the most viewed podcast app for smartphones, in terms of use. It comes with a number of positive qualities. It’s pre-installed on every iOS device. It also comes with an app that is native to OS and macOS.

It’s among the best methods to listen to podcasts on the Apple Watch when you’re not close to your iPhone since it is compatible with LTE streaming. It also does a great task of suggesting new series according to my experience.

But, I would prefer it included a “social” component similar to Apple Music. The overall style is perfect for iOS. It’s very similar to Apple Music. The Listen Now, Library, Browse, and Search are all accessible from the menu at the bottom. Listen Now displays unfinished podcast episodes from shows that you subscribe to, as well as one-off episodes you’ve added to the library.

The Library will show a list of all shows you’ve added to your list of subscriptions. Browse lets you browse across your Apple Podcasts directory by featured top charts, featured shows, and categories. It is possible to use Search to find specific shows. Apple Podcasts syncs extremely efficiently.

The latest podcasts on my iPhone show up within a couple of seconds after launching using the Apple TV app. It is able to playback the audio in 1.5x as well as 2x speed. But, when I use 2x playback and skip chapters I sometimes run into issues.

The possibility of creating “Stations” is one of the features that is not used to its fullest extent in this feature of the Apple Podcast app. The option is located within the Library section. You’ll find the New Station option when you press the edit button. This feature lets you make playlists of podcasts that are triggered by Siri. You can make the “Morning News” station by listening to a few morning shows, like The Daily and Up First.

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Apple Podcasts VS Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has been in existence for about the same time as the other apps on the iPhone podcast app market. One of its features that it invented was the idea of storing your feeds onto servers so that refreshing is swift and doesn’t have a significant impact on battery life. It’s a fact that almost every app today does similar things. Pocket Casts is amazing in terms of design. I am a fan of the colors the app uses and the fonts.

It offers a variety of playback speed options and a trim silence option as well as a voice booster option, similar to most other apps. Pocket Casts’ playlist system is perhaps among the best-equipped and robust of my experience with the application. Apart from the Apple Podcasts app, Pocket Casts has the most user-friendly layout of the directory. Although the majority of third-party applications simply pull data their data from Apple Podcasts directory API, the way they display the information is dependent on the users. Pocket Casts’ directory is visually appealing and allows users to easily find new shows.

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Apple Podcasts VS Overcast

Overcast was launched in 2013 and has a large number of fans. Other than the Apple Podcasts platform, I’d suggest Overcast is the most popular among the world of tech-related podcasts. The design of Overcast strikes a good balance between adhering to modern iOS design guidelines while still being distinctive. The colors are light and subtle in default.

The main navigation is comprised of the list of your subscriptions and playlists and buttons to manage your playlists and subscriptions. The trim silence was one of the features that it brought to the masses. Some smaller applications had introduced it long before Overcast However, I prefer the sound it produces with Overcast. Smart Speed can be described as a way of “gaining extra speed without distortion.” “Smart Speed dynamically shortens silences in talk shows,” according to the company.

Conversations are still so natural, you won’t be aware that it’s happening — until you realize the amount of the time that you’ve spent.” The Smart Speed is a great compromise for those looking to reduce time spent listening to podcasts, but do not like the distortion that is associated when you use 1.5x and 2x speed.

The shows you listen to will be shorter, however, you won’t notice any change in the quality of your listening. Voice Boost is an application that seeks to reduce the volume and make shows more enjoyable to enjoy in noisy areas such as the cockpit of an aircraft or a car. Voice Boost can make shows that have less than ideal editing easier to listen to. Additionally, it was updated to version 2 at the beginning of 2020.

Final Thoughts

There are many amazing podcasting apps to choose from. You can use Apple Podcasts for the typical Apple experience. Breaker is the ideal application if you are looking for social capabilities. Overcast is without doubt the most effective audio experience you can get. Castro will assist you with managing your current playing list If you’re a subscriber to numerous shows. You can check out Pocket Casts if you’re looking for an Android application or an excellent macOS application experience.