ios 15 vs android 15 review
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Android 12 VS IOS 15 Review [ Great ]

Android 12 VS IOS 15

Apple revealed its iOS 15 update a few hours ago during the WWDC 21 keynote, and there are some significant modifications being made on your iPhone. In this update, Apple is addressing the issue of notifications in addition to placing more focus on privacy and individualization. It’s not a big change in comparison to iOS 14 but it’s enough to make an average iPhone user pay attention.

The same is true for Android 12. The annual Android update brought a huge redesign that was similar to iOS 14 last year. The new-look that Google is trying to introduce in the Android lineup is apparent to users on Pixel devices. In the past year, Google will also be stepping up its efforts to protect the privacy and has made a few more sophisticated additions to the operating system base. Overall, there are lots to anticipate from Android 12.

android 12 vs ios 15

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Review [IOS 15]

Apple doesn’t make any changes to its iPhones this year when it launches iOS 15. Instead of introducing headline features such as widgets that were released last year, the focus is on smaller things that will ease your life. The interface has remained largely the same except for updated still wallpaper and new notifications. The year is 2009, and Apple is taking the opportunity to work on notifications.

Users are now able to categorize their notifications according to the profile they are in, for example, DND or Driving, Work Home, Work, and so on. You can pick one of them and tell iOS to only notify you by the apps you select. Notifications from unwanted apps can be now removed and then presented as a summation of all notifications during a certain date and time. In the past calendar year’s notification interface is more similar to Android.

It is part of the notifications feature. It’s similar to Android’s Profiles and lets you maintain control of your device. If you turn on DND the contacts in the iMessage users will be informed about your DND status each time they send you messages. Background noise reduction as well as portrait mode effects on video calls, as well as an updated Grid view that allows group callers are some of the improvements in FaceTime. On the other hand, while on the phone iPhone customers can stream Apple Music or watch Apple TV in a group setting through Share Play. In addition, Android users can now join on FaceTime calls by using FaceTime links in a web browser.

What is exciting about iOS 15 is that Apple has addressed the issue of notifications that hinders me from enjoying iOS. I would like Apple could just acknowledge it is Google was on the right path and follow in their footsteps however iOS 15 does give notifications with a fresh look, featuring bigger icons for apps as well as contact photos for conversations notifications.

Apple will also help to reduce fatigue by offering the notification summary feature that collects smaller notifications into a digest that you can deal with later. Conversational notifications will continue to show up to ensure you aren’t missing important messages However, headlines in the news, Reddit alerts, and other notifications will be hidden away to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed.

ios 15 vs android 12

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Review [Android 12]

The new version of Android 12 is more of an overhaul in appearance than before and comes with some essential privacy improvements baked into the OS. Here are some examples. Here are a few examples. The material you design theme is the most obvious change in Android. With a huge array of widgets and a stunningly displayed notifications shade, Android 12 looks unlike any custom skin of the year.

It’s whether it’s the lock screen or AOD screen, or even your home screen the phone’s accent colors will be based on the colors of the wallpaper. As opposed to Dark and Light There will be various themes based on colors. The material you create is only available on Pixel devices. This notification color will allow users with easier access to Google services like Google Pay and Home controls. Google Assistant can now be activated by pressing the button for power.

The CPU time will be cut by 22% and more advanced animations will improve the user experience to the highest level. It is now possible to use the Android television remote has been available by default within the system. Chrome is now able to suggest weak passwords and then use Google Assistant to quickly replace the passwords with more secure ones.

Android 12 places a premium on privacy. A brand new Privacy Dashboard app, which is similar to iOS 15, reports which apps are utilizing your personal information through sensors on your device. Contrary to iOS 15 this version does not monitor websites. Privacy Indicator for Android version Privacy Indicator informs you of the device’s sensor when you use an application.

ios 15 vs android 15 review

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Review [Final Thoughts]

The two versions, iOS 15 as well as Android 12 are both incredibly remarkable, and we can’t anticipate getting our hands on even more as we get closer to the release date. However, I believe the combination of the massive modifications to its core applications and services, along with the fact that even the iPhone 6s is able to run the upgrade is what makes it most remarkable.

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Review